Syllabus for Advanced English Listening and Speaking-2014 Spring

The Syllabus for Advanced English Listening and Speaking (2014 Spring)

Basic Information

Course code

Course typeCompulsory

Prerequisite for taking this course: RUC English Band 4

Course periodOne semester


TextbookPathways 3 &4. Beijing: Foreign Language Research and Teaching Press

Course Objectives

This is a skill-oriented and student-centered course. Students will listen to a variety of materials including academic lectures, interviews, talks, reports, and so on, and view episodes from National Geography, and participate in a lot of speaking activities. The course has the following specific objectives:

1.       To improve students’ listening and speaking skills

2.       To improve students’ ability to learn (predicting, making inference, thinking independently and cooperating with others)

3.       To enhance students’ science and culture literacy

4.       To improve students’ intercultural awareness

5.       To improve students’ critical thinking ability

Students will sit in Section B of Test of Oral Proficiency in English (TOPE ) this semester. So through learning this course, students will also be able to do the following tasks:

1.       Give a brief introduction to one’s study, hobbies, interests, personality, and so on.

2.       Give comments or a short presentation based on some hints (cartoons, graphs, words, etc.).

3.       Have a discussion with others on some hot issues.

4.       Use verbal and non-verbal communicative strategies to communicate with others.

Teaching Schedule



Teaching Contents




1 (Book 3)

Introduction to the course;

Gender and Society

Feb. 18



Gender and Society

Further Listening

Feb. 25



Human Migration

Further Listening

Mar. 4



Fascinating Planet 

Further Listening+CET6

Mar. 11



Making a living 

Further Listening+CET6

Mar. 18



A World of Words

Further Listening+CET6

Mar. 25



Traditional and Modern Medicine

FL+Chapter 8

Apr. 1


Listening Quiz One


Apr. 8


1( Book 4)

Urban Challenges  

Further Listening+CET6

Apr. 15



Protecting Our Planet  

Further Listening+CET6

Apr. 22


Spring break

Chapter 5+CET6

Apr. 29



Beauty and Appearance  

Further Listening+CET6

May 6



Tradition and Progress

Further Listening+CET6

May 13



Health and Fitness

FL+Chapter 8

May 20


Listening Quiz Two

May 27


TOPE Section C

June 3


TOPE Section B

June 10


Listening Final Test

June 17


1.       All the chapters except Chapter6 inBook 3 and Chapter7 inBook Four should be covered in this semester.


2.       Students are required to preview the new words before each class so it will be easier for them to follow the listening materials.

3.       Teachers can assign students to do some listening tasks before or after class so that students can have more time to speak in class.

4.       Students are required to do Further Listening exercises after class for all the chapters in the two books. Teachers will check this part regularly (e.g. every two weeks).


5.       To get students prepared for the TOPE, teachers will design prepared or impromptu presentation and discussion activities for each class.

6.       To guarantee that the oral activities go on smoothly in class, teachers can put students into groups of three or four in the first class of the semester.

7.       From the fourth week on, teachers can ask one or two groups to give prepared presentations at the beginning of each class. Students will choose their own topic. They need to share the picture, the photo, the graph, or the words that their presentation is based on.

8.       Students will continue to practice reading aloud after class. The mp3 files of twenty essays will be uploaded to the SOPE website. Students will submit an mp3 file of their own reading of one essay to the teaching assistant every two weeks. This assignment is due at midnight of Sundays of Weeks 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. (Each student will submit 7 mp3 files through the semester.)

9.       Students will have a five-minute discussion in groups after class every two weeks on a hot issue or a subject they are interested in, and submit the mp3 file of the discussion to the teaching assistant. This assignment is due at midnight of Sundays of Weeks 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15 . (Each group will submit 7 mp3 files through the semester.)

10.   Simulation of Presentation and Discussion in the TOPE will be done at least three times through the semester. Each time students in two groups will act as examiners of other groups. Teachers only need to monitor the performance and give assistance or guidance when necessary. (The recommended days for two simulations are Apr. 8 and May 27, the days when you give the listening quizzes. You will find another day to do a third simulation.)

Academic Integrity

Plagiarism or other forms of cheating on exams and/or other class assignments will result in a failing grade on the assignment in question and may lead to failure in the course or other penalties.

Cheating is violating the rules of the course. This includes copying others’ work, giving others your work to use as their own, using notes on an in-class test, looking at others’ work when you are instructed to work alone, and breaking other rules, written or announced, that are part of class policy.

Plagiarizing is representing written work as your own when you are not the original source. This includes failing to cite references, failing to set others’ work in quotation marks, and paraphrasing insufficiently even if you do give credit to someone else. This also applies to spoken work.

Assessment and Grading

Daily Performance


Summary of Listening Materials


Two Presentations




Two listening quizzes


Final exam


 Listening Final Test


TOPE  Section B



1.   Please keep a record of students’ attendance and daily performance. One point will be deducted from the student’s final grade for daily performance each time he or she is absent from class. 1/3 point will be deducted each time he or she asks for leave whatever the reason is. 1/2 point will be deducted if he or she fails to finish the Further Listening of one unit on time. 1 point will be deducted each time students don’t submit the mp3 file. 1/2 point will be deducted each time students don’t submit the file on time.

2.   Each listening quiz (30 minutes) has two listening tasks: Blank filling or Note taking, and Dictation. The listening materials will be selected from Further Listening in the textbooks. To guarantee fairness, teachers give different quizzes for different classes.

Listening and Speaking Websites

1.      The Guardian

2.      National Public Radio

3.      The Street

4.      New Yorker

5.      BBC Learning English

6.      ABC

7.      ABC Learning English

8.      VOA Learning English

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