70. The Pot

Nasreddin wanted a big pot for a party, so he borrowed one from a neighbour. After the party he took it back with another small pot inside.

`Your pot had a baby while it was with us,` he said. Of course, the neighbour was very pleased, and when Nasreddin came to borrow the big pot again for another party, he lent it to him very gladly.

This time Nasreddin did not bring the pot back, so after a few days the man went to Nasreddin`s house.

`What has happened to my big pot?` he asked. `Why have you not brought it back yet?`

`Oh, the big pot?` said Nasreddin. `It died while it was with us.`

`Died?` said the neighbour angrily. `But pots do not die!`

`Why do you say that?` answered Nasreddin. `When I said, "The pot has had a baby", you did not say, "Pots do not have babies", did you?`


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