67. The Thief and the Donkey

One day Nasreddin bought a donkey in the market; but while he was taking it home, two thieves followed him. One of them took the rope from the donkey`s neck and tied it round his friend`s neck. Then he went away with the donkey.

When Nasreddin got home, he turned and saw the young man. He was very surprised. `Where is my donkey?` he said angrily.

`I am very sorry,` said the thief, `but once I said some very bad things to my mother, and she changed me into a donkey. But because a good man bought me, I am now a man again! Thank you!`

Nasreddin untied the man and said, `Go! And never say bad things to your mother again!`

The next day, Nasreddin saw the same donkey in the market again! The other thief was selling it. Nasreddin went to it and said into its ear, `Young man, some people will never learn!`


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