65. The Dress

One day Mrs Jones went shopping. When her husband came home in the evening, she began to tell him about a beautiful cotton dress. `I saw it in a shop this morning,` she said, `and… `

`And you want to buy it,` said her husband. `How much does it cost?`

`Fifteen pounds.`

`Fifteen pounds for a cotton dress? That is too much!`

But every evening, when Mr Jones came back from work, his wife continued to speak only about the dress, and at last, after a week, he said, `Oh, buy the dress! Here is the money!`

She was very happy.

But the next evening, when Mr Jones came home and asked, `Have you got the famous dress?` she said, `No.`

`Why not?`  he said.

`Well, it was still in the window of the shop after a week so I thought, "Nobody else wants this dress, so I don`t want it either".`


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